Why we insisted on adding DHA to our creamers and how it came to be.

We started this journey by solving the problem of getting essential nutrients to our brains on a daily basis.  We (Joe and Chris) were experiencing pill fatigue and found ourselves either running out and not reordering in a timely manor, or just going days or weeks with out taking the pill regimen.  With our family history of cognitive decline, this just wasn’t a viable option for us. 

After experimenting with various nutrients in a powder form, we were very happy with the results.  Easy to use, just mix into our coffee, nutrient dense, effective (we both felt our brain performance increasing) and it was very tasty (important to both of us since we both love coffee!).  However, we could not find a powdered DHA that tasted good.  But, as the title of Ryan Holliday’s book on stoic philosophy states “THE OBSTACLE IS THE WAY”.  (Great book! I highly recommend you read it) and we used this philosophy to go on a path to solve this obstacle. Through the help of formulary experts we created an emulsified version of Memento with DHA.  We actually ended up with a finished product that tasted better than the original!

You see, DHA is not produced in our bodies in quantities needed to promote brain health, therefore we need to consume it through dietary sources. DHA is essential for the brain and accounts for 97 percent of the omega 3’s in the brain and 25% of the brain’s total fat content.

DHA is essential for nerve cells to communicate and required for brain function.  It’s health benefits are well studied and known.  For a deeper dive into the science, please visit our website builtforyourbrain.com and look in the tab functional ingredients.  There you will find many links to NIH studies on DHA and the brain.


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Chris Claussen