Change does not come easy for any of us, although it is at the very essence of our existence.  We must embrace the responsibility of whole body and mind self care.  This, most likely, will involve change to our current habits and routines.  Taking care of our brains is crucial for our happiness, wellbeing, and ability to provide emotionally and financially for our families.  Yes, we all have grown accustomed to the habits we have formed. Habits directed by the way we grew up, were taught by our parents or conditioned by society.  But this has led to an epidemic of unnecessary cognitive decline in our society, not only in the Baby Boomer generation as they begin to suffer from declining brain function, but also across all generations in the form of increasing anxiety and depression that is rising at alarming rates.

Sometimes life sets us on a challenge, to see if we have the courage and willingness to change.  Now is the time to accept the challenge.  Now is the time to focus on building a new relationship with your health, with your food and with your lifestyle choices.  Joe and I have have spent the past 2 1/2 years on this journey of brain health and lifestyle change.  We now are functioning physically, mentally and spiritually at a levels we didn’t experience before in our lives.  It is our mission to help others on their journey as well.  Soon we will be launching the Live To Remember Project, an online portal for education, community and research on the epigenetic lifestyle and nutrition aspects of longterm brain heath.  Please sign up to receive  more information about The Live To Remember Project,  and other developments in brain heath at builtforyourbrain.com


In Heath,

Chris Claussen