How the overwhelming feedback from our booth at Paleo f/x moved us forward.

We were thrilled with what we created in our new emulsified Memento nootropic creamers and received praise from friends and family, but we knew in order to validate the need we needed to get in front of a large unbiased audience and see what they had to say. 

We decided to get a booth at Paleo F/x in Austin, Tx and give it a go.  Paleo F/x is the premier Paleo/Holistic wellness event with world class speaker and a who’s who of the nutrition-biohacking-fitness industries.

So, a couple of brothers, on a mission with no industry experience, and handful of samples, with the help of some good friends go to ATX to see what we find out.  The response was unreal.  We met and spoke with so may knowledgeable people and industry experts, many of them willing to help us on our journey, and so many offers of praise and encouragement.  Dr Perlmutter (Brain health guru and NY Times bestselling author of The Grain Brain) even visited our booth and offered his help to get Memento to market!  It all was validation that our vision of creating brain healthy functional foods that taste great and are efficacious was on point.  Confirmation that our mission of spreading the knowledge that brain health begins with our actions and habits on a daily basis resonates deeply.  The three days of sometimes deep conversations of ubiquitous nature of cognitive decline in our families and our society still deeply moves and motivates us today.

The key takeaways for us:

Memento is more than a creamer!  Many people said it would make a great topping, as it tastes great by itself.  Several chef’s we spoke with wanted to incorporate it into their kitchen as part of a healthy desert offering. 

Several functional/integrative medical doctors wanted to “prescribe” Memento to their patients!  It contains many of the dietary supplements they were already recommending.

Brain health and longevity is a real concern for all of us, not just those of us with a family history of cognitive decline.

Many people requested products designed specifically for their kids.

How we translated this feedback for you:

Products we are working on to launch in 2020 include products that will be formulated for children, athletes, & pregnancy.  These will be able to be taken straight off the spoon, used as a topping or in a beverage.  We also will be working on single serve sachets for on the go convenience.

We are working to provide a platform for functional medical doctors to be able to offer Memento directly through their practice to their patents.

We will have a 32oz pump that will be available for office break rooms and coffee shops that want to offer a healthy alternative to the chemical/sugar creamers and syrups that are currently available. 

We were thrilled to get to experience Paleo f/x and are looking forward to doing it again in 2020!


In Heath, 

Chris Claussen