My first experience with Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Through researching brain health it became apparent that lion’s mane mushroom is well known as a powerful nootropic. Long used in Chinese medicine, lion’s mane has both neuro protective and nootropic effects. It can improve both memory and reasoning and increase neurogenesis (the development of new neurons in the brain). 

I ordered powdered lion’s mane online eagerly looking forward to its brain enhancing benefits.  This was early in my biohacking experimentations and, perhaps overzealously, when it arrived in the mail I poured myself a hot cup of water and added a couple of tablespoons of lion’s mane powder.  It made a delicious broth that I drank down straight away. Enjoying the warm savory treat, I looked froward to what I believed would be a night building new brain cells. However, as I closed my eyes, I discovered that lion’s mane had another treat in store for me in the form of a variety of colors and lights exploded in my minds eye.  A proverbial Fourth of July was happening inside my head.  It was a beautifully interesting experience.  As I lay there, I imagined all the new neurons and synaptic pathways I was creating.  Ultimately I did fall asleep, although I don’t recommend taking a hero’s dose of lion’s mane right before bed, if sleep is your goal.  

We are thrilled to have lion’s mane as one of our functional ingredients in Memento Nootropic Creamers so that more people will be exposed to its brain enhancing benefits. We encourage you to learn more about lion’s mane mushrooms at our website, builtforyourbrain.com.


In Health,


Chris Claussen