The time that we spend together, the experiences we share, the memories we make, each one ties us tightly to the people, places and things that we love. These memories are passed down through generations of wisdom that span both past and future. Memories that we are seeking to preserve for ourselves, our loved ones and you.


For too long now, brain health has taken a backseat and the standard American diet has starved our brains of the essential nutrients it needs to thrive. The result is that cognitive decline is at an all-time high and continues to rise, threatening to affect us all. We created Memento to help ensure our memories shine bright as long as we live.  


Memento is a nootropic supplement designed to improve immediate and long-term cognitive function. It’s great tasting, easy to enjoy, and made with essential nutrients that have been shown to improve memory and focus—naturally.


We founded Memento to improve brain health, increase focus, and preserve memories, but we can’t do it alone. Your cognitive health depends on you and we can show you the way. Our nootropic supplements are part of a broader, seven-part program to help you take control of your cognitive health: with mindfulness, exercise, meaning, essential nutrients, a good night’s sleep, togetherness, and an optimized diet.

Together, we can help ensure the vibrant collection of memories you build will shine for a lifetime. It starts with you—so let’s get started. Take charge, shine bright.