Surfing a cyclone swell in Western Australia fuelled by Memento Nootropic Creamers


Margaret River Western Australia,  a small group a dedicated chargers are gathering in south western Australia for an unusual occurrence.  A cyclone spinning off the coast of Western Australia has generated a powerful but short lived NW swell headed for the Margaret River.  This is unusual as the normal swell direction is SW.  This group of surfers knew that a few bays that are normally protected from the SW swell would bear the full brunt of the NW waves producing perfect barrels in just a few select locations.


We woke predawn to get the ski’s and gear ready for the day.  In the excitement and rush no one bothered to make breakfast.  I prepared everyone a large mug of coffee with the newly formulated Memento.  I loaded every mug with a triple dose to get their motors running.  After slamming down the coffee’s it was straight to the boat ramp to launch the skis for a day of tow surfing.  As we arrived to the chosen location we were immediately greeted by perfect 6-8ft barrels peeling down the sandy point.  Everyone got their fair share of sick rides that day with only a few managing to make it out of the spinning vortex rifling down the beach.  I managed to break two boards, and make it out of exactly zero waves.  That being said, I rode the longest thickest back hand barrels of my life, and distinctly recall the time warp from inside the tube.


The four of us surfed from sun up until late in the afternoon, running on pure adrenalin and the energy provided by the Ketone energy delivered by the MCT’s in the Memento Nootropic Creamer.  My surfing mates couldn’t believe that they surfed all day without having breakfast, and performed at their peak mentally and physically throughout the session.