Why we started Memento - interrupting a family legacy.

My first real experience with cognitive decline was witnessing my grandfather, Victor Claussen, suffer from its ravages.  He was an entrepreneur/businessman who invented and patented the foldable basketball goals that are in gymnasiums throughout America and the world.  I remember as a little kid marveling at all the plaques and awards hanging in his office.  His entrepreneurial spirt resonates deep within me to this day. After grandma died, grandpa’s memory and personality faded quickly.  Perhaps grandma, as often is the case with spouses, was covering for his memory slipping away. It quickly became apparent that grandpa was not able to care for himself, so the family hired a full time caregiver to live with him rather than take him to a retirement home.  This proved to add only more tragedy to the situation, as the caregiver convinced grandpa to marry her and then proceeded to funnel all his savings to her children.  It was a devastating end to an otherwise inspiring and productive life.  My father told my brothers and I at this time, “Do not let me end up like this. If I loose my mind hit me upside the head with a rock and put an end to it!”  


Unfortunately, because genetics do play roll in cognitive decline, the same fate hit my dad.  We started noticing it around the age of 65 and it has been a steady progressive downhill ride from there.  Now at age 75, dad really does not have any short term memory left.  I always pictured dad and Mom at a lake house during retirement, fishing and gardening, playing cards with friends and enjoying life, as they always have.  Instead, there is not much dad can really remember how to do or even enjoy and their days are spent with mom just trying to keep him active, so the time passes.  The phrase “live in the present moment” is very popular in our culture right now, but without reference to the past and anticipation of the future, the “present moment” is not an ideal state in which to exist full time.


Witnessing two generations in front of you go from happy productive lives to tragedies, is extremely eye opening.  Am I next?  What did they do wrong?  How am I going to change this family lineage for myself and my children?  Is it even possible to change this destiny?  I felt like I was in the middle of a train track with a locomotive roaring straight at me. I needed to find a way to get off the tracks.  My brother, Joe, and I started reading every book, attending lectures, listening to every podcast, following blogs and social media posts of the top experts in the field, such as Dr Perlmutter, Dr. Bredesen,  Dr. Amen, Dr Chris Kresser, Dr. Lisa Mosconi and others.  We followed their recommendations of lifestyle change and improved our diets, incorporating more healthy fats such as MCT’s and Omega 3 DHA, started regular exercise and mindfulness training.  There have been profound benefits in our lives. We both lost excess weight and body fat, increased muscle mass, the daily brain fog that we both experienced is now gone, and we both have more energy than we have experienced in years.


After going through this transformation, we knew that it was the purpose of our lives to spread the knowledge that longterm cognitive health is dependent upon the habits and choices that we make everyday.  Even if you have a genetic lineage of cognitive decline, it is ultimately the epigenetics (lifestyle choices) that determine your cognitive health.  We knew that it was our responsibility to help others not suffer the same fate as our Father and Grandfather.  Cognitive health is a complex puzzle, with many factors affecting the brain and it’s ability to function at optimal levels.  The first factor we chose to address is adding key essential nutrients to the brain, conveniently, everyday.  Our modern daily lives are full of work, kids activities, and meals on the go that leave little to no options for the crucial fuel our brains need on a daily basis  Memento Nootropic Creamers is our solution to this problem.  We have combined Omega 3 DHA, Coconut MCT’s, Lions Mane Mushroom, Choline, L-Theanine and Silk Peptides into a convenient, and tasty creamer for your daily coffee, tea or smoothie ritual. The synergistic effects of these ingredients were designed for immediate and longterm cognitive benefits.  For more information on these ingredients and their positive contributions to brain health please visit our website builtforyourbrain.com. These creamers are the first in a line of products we are designing to support ongoing cognitive health on a daily basis. Soon we will also be launching the Live To Remember Project, our nonprofit, which will be a resource to gather and spread information on cognitive health and vitality.  Taking care of your brain health is very much like planting a tree, the best time to start is 20 years ago, the second best time to start is today.  We encourage you to start your journey to brain health today!


In Health,


Chris Claussen